About Us

We are a new Australian gym wear brand. We Focus on style but more importantly on extreme comfort & quality. 
Being athletic myself I know how important it is to have comfy gym clothes! So while you’re in there putting in the work, we have you covered for style, comfort, and durability! We have made sure our clothing will be there to see you through the toughest of workouts!
Focus Fitwear is not only a name or your average gym wear brand it is much much more, this gym wear is for the extremely focused out there! To help motivate and support you throughout your fitness journey, you aren't just a number to us, you are the reason we are here.
Not only do we Focus on our fitwear, we really want to give back along this incredible journey. Currently, 5% of all purchases are being donated to Thorn, a company that fights and destroys child trafficking rings and prevents them from happening. So a part of your money is also being used for something amazing, something that will change & save lives.
We can make a difference!
We are here to Focus on giving everyone a happy and amazing life, we are here to Focus on YOU, to motivate you & to make sure you never give up on something you want.
Welcome to the family.